polaris DMX512 led wall washer lights

Light Type: Wall Washer Lights
Prodcut Code: CS-WS3960
Chip Brand: CREE/Epistar/Bridgelux
Dimension: W39*H60*L1000mm
Material: Aluminum Body+ Screen printing glass
Rated Power: 36W
Light Color:Single,RGB,
Rated voltage:AC180~245V  or DC24V
Protection level:IP65
Warranty time:2-3years
Producs Description:
LED lighting in the application of outdoor landscape lighting has been more than a decade of history, because the convenience of LED control, the overall scale of this project has become increasingly


Chip Brand: Bridgelux, USA CREE,Epistar
Rated power:24W/26W/36W/38W/50W
Material: aluminum alloy + tempered glass
Light source: 1W/3W/4W high power led
LightsCircuit board: aluminum plate
Number of light sources: 12 PCS/24PCS/36PCS
Rated voltage:AC180~245V
Beam angle:10x60°
Light color: Single or RGB
Working temperature:-30°C-55°C
Protection level:IP65
Life span:30000hrs
Warranty time:2-3Years
Lamp body size:W39x60xL1000mm
Lamp body color: Sand silver, iron ash (oxidation treatment)
Butt plug: three core cold jacket line
Production process: resin plastic potting waterproof
Single brightness: 80-90Lm / W
Electrical class: Class I(220V)
Luminous mode:  bright, colorful, running
Rotation angle:160°
Control method:DMX512 N/A

Order Product Code:

No. ITEM NO LED QTY LightColor Lumens Voltage Wattage Control Dimension Remarks
1 CS-WS3960-24W 24PCS -1W Single ≤2040LM AC85~240V 24W N/A W39x60xL1000mm  
2 CS-WS3960-36W 36PCS-1W Single ≤3060LM AC85~240V 36W N/A W39x60xL1000mm  
3 CS-WS3960-24W-RGB 24PCS-1W RGB Colorful ------ AC220V 26W N/A W39x60xL1000mm Internal control colorful
4 CS-WS3960-36W-RGB 36PCS-1W RGB Colorful ------ AC220V 38W N/A W39x60xL1000mm Internal control colorful
5 CS-WS3960-12x3W 12PCS-3W RBG ------ AC220V 26W N/A W39x60xL1000mm Internal control colorful
6 CS-WS3960-D24 24PCS-1W RGB ------ DC24V 24W DMX512 W39x60xL1000mm external control full color
7 CS-WS3960-D36 36PCS-1W RGB ------ DC24V 36W DMX512 W39x60xL1000mm external control full color
8 CS-WS3960-RGBW 12PCS-4W RGBW ------ DC24V 50W DMX512 W39x60xL1000mm CREE XML-Color